Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the schedule for receiving the $5 Reward credits?

A: Whenever you accumulate 150 points, the 150 points will be transferred into $5 reward credits which are stored on your card and may be redeemed at any Maya Cinemas location toward your next purchase. You may use your Reward by presenting your card at the time of purchase at any point of sale at Maya Cinemas.

Q: How will I receive my Reward credit?

A: Your Reward credit will be stored on your Rewards card. To check your point balance and see any $5 credits you have accumulated please inquire at the box office.

Q: What if I forget my Maya Rewards card? Will I get credit?

A: You must present your Maya Rewards card at the time of purchase to receive your points. Points are only available post-transaction if the loyalty system malfunctions; i.e. the card swipe malfunctions or the computer is inaccessible. Points are not available post transaction if the loyalty card is not presented prior to a transaction's completion.

Q: My Rewards card was lost or stolen… what do I do?

A: Please visit and click the ‘Contact Us’ button. Please fill out as much information as possible and please include the most up to date mailing address so that a new card will be mailed. If you are a registered member, your points will be transferred to the new account.

Q: I want to allow my wife/husband or child to use my Rewards card, is that okay?

A: Certainly, members of your immediate family may all use the s