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On Screen Advertising

At Pecan Pie Productions, we’re committed to helping your business reach moviegoers with powerful, affordable and entertaining advertising programs.

Study after study shows advertising on movie screen delivers higher recall rates and more affluent viewers than tv, radio or print advertising.  The audience is there and they're glued to the screen. They can’t turn the channel or fast forward on their dvr.  So let’s give them your cinema ad to look at.  We utilize the latest in digital technology to create and deliver your customized message to your target market with high-definition, larger than life images and state-of-the-art sound.  Be as memorable as the Hollywood movies you are advertising before. 

So if you’re looking for a great opportunity to brand your business and reach your customers at a fraction of the cost of TV, radio or print, give us a call at 888-990-8777 or email us at if you’re shy.  We want to make sure everyone gets their fair shot at a piece of pie (you knew a pie analogy would appear somewhere). We have pie at the office every day.  Pecan of course! 
Pecan Pie Productions…serving captive audiences up to your business!