2014 Academy Award Nominated Live Action Shorts
2014 Academy Award Nominated Live Action Shorts poster

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Rated: PG-13
Minutes: 105

Do I have to Take Car of Everything-  Mother Sini wakes up in a panic: she has slept in and the family is late for a wedding. She wakes up her husband Jokke and daughters Ella, 6, and Kerttu, 4. They start to prepare themselves in a hurry. Mother is going crazy since nobody else seems to be able to do anything right. Who has messed father’s shirt, hid girls’ dresses and the wedding gift?

Helium- A hospital’s eccentric janitor helps a young dying boy regain the joy and happiness of life.

Just Before Losing Everything- While her children pretend to go to school, Miriam hurries to pick them up and take them to her work place. She explains to her boss that she has to leave the region in a rush.

That Wasn't We-  The short film AQUEL NO ERA YO, written and directed by Spanish director Esteban Crespo, tells the story of Paula and Kaney. Two characters, an African child and a Spanish woman, who could have nothing in common, but will get to join their lives forev